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Wastewater Solutions Information Tool
Let us help you select best wastewater treatment solution for your needs
Choose the country

Choose from location list
See which wastewater treatment systems are available in particular country and conform with local rules and regulations.
How many persons?
4 persons wastewater is 0.6 m3 per day, includes 0.2 kg of BOD

Use the slider to mark the number of persons. Consider following three aspects.
People in Your House
If you need wastewater systems just for your house, mark how many persons are there and produce wastewater daily.
Larger Housing Group
If nearby are other houses, building wastewater systems for all of them jointly proved to be cost-effective solution.
Planning for Future
Build wastewater systems with some extra capacity in case your family will grow or your grandchildren will visit you on holidays.
View only wastewater systems for households and small villages

Not in formal classification yet: septic tank with anaerobic biofilter carat s 6.0 m3,
How much space is available?
Limit maximum length in meters.

Limit maximum width in meters.

Space Requirements
Wastewater treatment systems need various land area starting from 1,15 meter square side length to the exeeding of 50 meters. Dimensions vary on different technology and capacity. Read more about space requirements.
Lifespan of Technology
Modern wastewater treatment technology lifespan varies mostly around 25-35 years. Some systems may work even longer, but their effectiveness diminishes gradually over time. Read more about effective lifespan.
Overall Costs Compared
To compare cost effectiveness of different equipment better, initial installation and usage are summed and expressed as daily costs, based on expected usage years. Read more about wastewater treatment costs.
User defined:
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*CO2eq and PO4eq emission values of construction phase are reduced to per person and summed with daily usage impact (desludging, electric energy and chemicals use).

VillageWaters Project
VillageWaters suggest most effective wastewater treatment solutions in scattered dwellings households, which use their own, independently operated water purification systems.

Helping Homeowners
Environmentally oriented families and homeowners, who live in scattered dwellings areas, where connecting to larger wastewater plants is not option because rural distances.

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